Why Apartments

Why are vacation rentals the perfect alternative to hotel accommodation? Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect:

1. Downtown Location:

Most of the apartments are located smack-dab in the middle of Budapest, mere minutes away from major Budapest tourist sights, entertainment venues, great shopping, not to mention restaurants, bars, clubs, etc.


2. Apartments are fully-furnished and equipped:

You can expect maximum comfort from our apartments: all are fully furnished and equipped to meet all your needs. Each apartment includes a living room (usually with sofa bed), bedroom(s), private bathroom(s) with washing machines/dryers and fully equipped kitchen with all amenities (toaster, microwave, stove, dishwasher, coffee maker etc.). Not only that, all our apartments are equipped with mobile phones, high-speed internet access with PC or laptops, and VOIP devices – either for keeping in touch with the office, or just with family and friends. And don’t worry, there is no shared space for internet access like in hotels – you can work and make VOIP calls in complete privacy.


3. Savings:

Renting an apartment is simply more economical than a comparable hotel room: you can expect to pay 30%-50% less, with no high fees for phone calls, room service, restaurants, reception desk, laundry etc. Rates can be calculated on a daily or a weekly basis, or can be negotiated for stays over 10 days. As well, you pay a flat fee for the use of the apartment, not a multiple of the number of residents! Furthermore, we are the sole owners of these apartments, so there is no middle-man – which also translates to more savings for you.


4. Privacy, autonomy, increased flexibility:

A vacation apartment offers you your own space: total privacy, and, unlike a hotel, you can easily come and go any time you please, without having to worry about whether the reception desk is open.


5. Much more space:

No need to feel cramped and crowded – our vacation rental apartments offer you anywhere from 30% to 300% more living space than a hotel room.


6. No restrictions on length of stay:

Apartments can be booked for as little as 2-3 nights or for as long as several months – with no maximum or minimum stay restrictions, you are free to choose the length of stay that suits you best.


7. No extra service charges:

Not only are all the basic services – gas, electricity, hot water, towels, blankets and sheets – included in the price, but all extra services – internet access, mobile phone, discount cards, welcome packages etc. – are also included in the price! The price we quote you on reservation is final – no surprises when it’s time to pay, as there are NO additional charges (such as cleaning fee, damage deposit etc.). Each individual apartment description lists more information about services offered.


7+1. Last but not least: NO tipping with Golden Stars Apartments!

Staying in a hotel means having to face the awkward issue of tipping – whether or not to tip, and if so, whom and how much. Not so if you stay with us. We are in this business because we love it – our “tip” is knowing that you had a great time in Budapest with us!