Statue Park (Szoborpark). Going back behind the Iron Curtain

tbmzmnea8fIf you have an interst in the history of the Iron Curtain and want to see some true relics with your own eyes, the statue park should be appealing! It is a heavily advertised tourist attraction and is made 0out to be something perhaps it is not. My only suggestions are that you go early in the day (it shuts in late afternoon – especially when it gets dark in winter), use public transport to get there – it’s much cheaper than the tour buses from the city centre (which are overpriced). Once you are there, there are some souvenirs for sale at the shop – postcards, badges, medals etc…
Phone: +36 1 424 75 00
Directions: Direct shuttle bus from Deak Ferenc ter; suburban bus from Etele ter (direction Diosd-Erd) to Bp., Szoborpark stop or bus 58 from Campona shopping center (take bus 3 or Teteny-busz to Campona).